Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's a rough old business

Media managers. May I be so bold as to draw your attention to the ongoing spat between Mark Frith and Paul Ashford as they come to blows once again in their respective Heat and OK! camps. The last time these two magazine superweights were at loggerheads was over the Heat sticker scandal - where Mark was forced to apologise to readers after giving away free Harvey stickers saying something along the lines of "Harvey wants to eat me". Bless the poor lad. Of course, Richard Desmond and entourage were only too keen to cash in on Heat's bad fortune by running several articles across the celebrity titles backed by the glamour model mum stucking up for her son. Now it seems, with the wrangle over Jordan's son abated, they are now fighting over who got the exclusive on Jamie Lynn Spears. Managing media? What a scrum. There's fewer casualties on a rugby pitch.

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